What we needed in Scotland! 

I came across Scottish Dental Study Club founded by Tariq Bashir. The idea of SDSC is to organise courses covering a wide range of topics in dentistry to allow dentists to interact with one another and learn from top clinicians across the UK (and world!) to improve their practical dentistry skills and knowledge. From the moment I stepped into SDSC’s first organised evening session I knew that Dr Bashir had brought to us dentists in Scotland something that has never existed before. Since then I have attended a few courses organised by SDSC addressing different topics, hands-on or otherwise, such as periodontal diagnosis and classification, clinical photography and indirect restorations. I have not looked back since and I feel like my understanding in certain areas of dentistry have benefitted me in ways I could never have imagined and has improved my dentistry in general practice. I look forward to attending many more to come. This is just what we needed in Scotland!

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