High quality of speakers and topics

I have been attending meetings at the Scottish Dental Study Club and found them a valuable resource.  The meetings are always well organised and well attended and stand out for the high quality of speakers and topics.

It can be hard to keep abreast of changes in dentistry, learning new techniques and to hear about how dentistry is changing over the UK and worldwide.  As we all know, living and working in Scotland this often means lots of travelling to hear speakers and attend conferences.

Having monthly meetings in Scotland has been a real inspiration to me and has really ignited my passion for dentistry.  These meeting are always worthwhile and I leave with lots of ideas and things I want to implement in my daily practice.  It is also extremely worthwhile networking with other dentists across the country and seeing what everyone else is up to.  The networking and high quality learning has led to me continually strive to do the best work I can do, which has meant seeking out further training and greatly improved the quality of work I produce.

I truly believe this study club is a spark, inspiring dentists and improving the quality of dentistry in Scotland.

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