Dr. Kois is the recipient of the 2002 Saul Schluger Memorial Award for Clinical Excellence in Diagnosis and Treatment Planning. 

He also received the Lifetime Achievement Award from both the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Additionally, he is the recipient of the 2014 Dr. Thaddeus V. Weclew Award, which is presented annually to a dedicated educator who embodies the spirit of comprehensive dental care. 


Wealth of Scottish practitioners

Dr Allan Matthews

I’ve found that being a dentist in Scotland can sometimes mean you feel cut off from events and learning in the rest of the UK, as generally it would be a challenge to arrange travel and accommodation when courses can often represent significant outlays already. With the Scottish Dental Study Club we’ve got the best of both worlds, with seminars and practical possibilities on our doorstep at very reasonable prices. Speakers are lining up to gain access to the wealth of Scottish practitioners and there is a clear appetite for this as courses sell out very quickly. I believe the study club will go from strength to strength expanding across Scotland and I am keen to make full use of this where I can.

Great hands-on course

Dr Imran Shafi, Specialist Orthodontist

The rapid growth of the Scottish Dental Study Club exemplifies the need and desire for high quality, knowledgeable, post graduate dental courses in Scotland. The attraction of national and international well-known speakers with well organised, clearly explained and great hands-on courses allows our colleagues to implement their learning immediately into practice. A wide variety of topics straddling all aspects of dentistry have been personally vital for my own continuing professional development. The Study Club is a worthy investment for your future career in dentistry with the innovative use of social media, great communication, lovely and convenient location with fantastic food!

Impressed by the range and quality of speakers

Dr Michael Dhesi

I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to both yourself and Saimah for all of your efforts in establishing such an excellent CPD resource in the Scottish Dental Study Club. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the sessions I have attended and have been impressed by the range and quality of speakers you have been able to attract. All of the sessions have been very relevant to general dental practice as well as providing an excellent opportunity to socialise with colleagues in a relaxed environment. Your events are excellent value for money, always well organised and the catering is superb! I would strongly recommend to dental colleagues from Glasgow and beyond to attend your events.

Impressed by calibre of speakers

Dr Neeraj Puri

I have attended a couple of study clubs and a full two-day course run by the Scottish Dental Study Club. I have to say that I have been thoroughly impressed and have enjoyed the calibre of speakers that have been organised. I can only imagine how hard it must be to organise this level of teaching anywhere let alone in Scotland where we have such a shortage of high quality courses. Where previously we would have travelled far to enjoy this standard, the SDSC team through their hard work consistently bring a top line-up of speakers covering all aspects of dentistry which not only enhance the standard of dentistry that we as clinicians provide but introduce a whole host of potential solutions which can benefit our patients.

I’m always blown away

Dr David Lagan

I have completed several courses with the SDSC and I’m always blown away. The team always communicate well and take care of their delegates. They have the highest standard of speakers with the best content. The SDSC are at the forefront of dental education in Scotland.

Always confidently book a SDSC course

Dr Morag Kennedy

I can always confidently book a SDSC course knowing that the speaker, content and organisation will be excellent!


World class clinicians

Dr Benjamin Hawthorne

The Scottish Dental Study Club hosts world class clinicians from across the UK and much further afield. The quality of the courses and speakers is top notch. I learned more in one day than I have at any other course and will certainly be planning to attend more in the future. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.


Best in the world to our doorstep

Dr Usama Azim

SDSC are bringing the best in the world to our doorstep. Cannot than them enough for all their hard work and organisation.


Great set-up and hosts!

Dr Hassan Ali

Always a great set-up and hosts! Always available to help and go above and beyond to make the course as enjoyable as possible!


Evidence-based in its approach

Dr Alan Purves (“Fundamentals of biomimetic Dentistry” Dr David Alleman)

The biomimetics course felt revolutionary in terms of its proposals, but also reassuringly systematic and evidence-based in its approach. The framework provided means that I can now approach cases in a controlled manner and hopefully achieve very predictable results for patients. It was a delight to meet so many talented individuals whose work I can aspire to.



Career changing

Dr Laura McGrath (“Fundamentals of biomimetic Dentistry” Dr David Alleman)

Incredible, eye-opening, compelling and career changing.


Best international speakers on the circuit

Dr Fergus McLafferty (“Fundamentals of biomimetic Dentistry” Dr David Alleman)

Another excellent course by the SDSC. Always well organised, great facilities and with some of the best international speakers on the circuit. Getting this calibre of speaker to Scotland is a real achievement and should be applauded. I always learn new concepts when I attend.


Incredibly humble and generous

Celine Higton (“Direct Anterior Composites” Dr Joan Gubau Mach)

Absolutely fantastic course. In my opinion Joan is one of the most talented and capable clinicians in the world, especially in the field of anterior composites. Not only is he talented he is also incredibly humble and generous with his teaching. Teaching dental artistry is one of the hardest things to do and Joan did it with simplicity and class. The hands on component was especially brilliant. Thank you Tariq and Saimah for putting on such a phenomenal course!


Makes a great course

Dr Michael Myint (“Direct Composite Veneer Masterclass” Dr Marshall Hanson)

Absolutely fantastic course. Well organised. Marshall and Jordan were extremely approachable and you could feel the passion. They really wanted us to excel and push our potential in a non-judgemental manner. I felt so comfortable to share my weaknesses to improve. We all go on courses that are hands on but find it tough to emulate. Here I feel I was taught the ingredients to grow and critique my own work when I make mistakes and that makes a great course in my opinion.



Fantastic course

Dr Shona Lambie (“Excellence in Anterior Composites” Dr Tariq Bashir)

This was a fantastic course that delivered lots of useful hints and tips for improving composites, not just for private treatment but for NHS also. I now feel more confident in the success of my anterior composites.


Left feeling much more confident

Dr Fiona Craig (“Excellence in Anterior Composites” Dr Tariq Bashir)

Very good course, Tariq kept things simple but informative and didn’t overwhelm as so many speakers do. I left feeling much more confident where other similar courses have left me feeling more disheartened with the level of detail.


Interactive course presented by a knowledgeable clinician

Dr Daniel O’Hanlon (“Excellence in Anterior Composites” Dr Tariq Bashir)

This was a fun and interactive course presented by a knowledgeable clinician in Tariq. He was very helpful and insightful, providing a great environment to learn and improve my skills regarding composite placement and finishing. He was happy to help with any questions and was enthusiastic for everyone to improve on the day.



Brilliantly structured one-day course

Dr Fariha Naveed (“Excellence in Anterior Composites” Dr Tariq Bashir)

“Excellence in Anterior Composites” by Dr Tariq Bashir was a well-organized and brilliantly structured one-day course. I am happy that I chose to attend this course. Dr Bashir is an excellent speaker and teacher who teaches with patience and guides you at every step. I got invaluable tips and tricks to improve my composite work. I will highly recommend this course to everyone who is struggling in anterior composites no matter at what level you are this course is going to help you.


Excellent quality

Dr Alan Purves (“Excellence in Anterior Composites” Dr Tariq Bashir)  

I have wanted to do this course for a long time. It didn’t disappoint. Tariq provided straightforward principles to follow and, even in cases where you aren’t using multilayering of composites, the techniques provided were immediately applicable in practice. The materials and equipment used were excellent quality and the reps ever-helpful too.


Course was extraordinary

Dr Magdalena Mackay (“Excellence in Anterior Composites” Dr Tariq Bashir)

The course was extraordinary! Tariq’s knowledge and skill were very impressive. The hands on approach, live demonstration and personalised directions from Tariq were most valuable.



An amazing clinician

Dr Robyn Kay (“Excellence in Anterior Composites” Dr Tariq Bashir)

I have attended a couple of composite courses now as this is a subject which really interests me and this was one of the most informative. We got a lot of practical time & opportunity, which is the area I required to upskill in. It has improved my knowledge & technique regarding anterior composites, especially for fractured teeth.

Dr Bashir is an amazing clinician and I would recommend this course to my dental colleagues.

Definitely money well spent!

Dr Jennifer Yule (“Excellence in Anterior Composites” Dr Tariq Bashir)

I learnt so much in such a short space of time. Everything I learnt I have managed to incorporate into my daily practice – definitely money well spent!


Given me far more confidence

Dr Gillian McAlindon (“Excellence in Anterior Composites” Dr Tariq Bashir)

Thank you SDSC for such an enjoyable day! Tariq was able to convert his wealth of knowledge into an easy and manageable technique that can be used in general practice to achieve beautiful aesthetic results. I have already enjoyed putting his format into practice and it has given me far more confidence with my anterior composites.



A lovely and inspiring course

Dr Reshma Benny (“Tooth Whitening and Icon Infiltration” Dr Linda Greenwall)

A very motivating and informative lecture and hands on technique. The ICON resin infiltration technique was new to me and after this course I am more confident in treating the more complex and advanced whitening cases. Thank you Dr Linda Greenwall for a lovely and inspiring course.


Was invaluable

Dr Kathleen Pritchard (“Tooth Whitening and Icon Infiltration” Dr Linda Greenwall)

I really enjoyed this course, Dr Greenwall is so knowledgable on the subject of tooth whitening and ICON. Even just going back to the basics of tooth whitening was invaluable as it is something I have never done any post graduate training in. The hands on/ICON training was great as it will give me the confidence to get my first case started. It is so good to be part of the facebook group too so that we can get opinions on cases pre/during treatment.


Fantastic, knowledgeable, engaging speaker

Dr Helen Clark (“Tooth Whitening and Icon Infiltration” Dr Linda Greenwall)

Absolutely fantastic course- will immediately change my practise- fantastic, knowledgeable, engaging speaker- cannot wait to get to work on Monday and spread the word!



I now feel confident

Dr Eilidh Ramsay (“Contemporary Endodontic Practice” Dr Mike Horrocks)

I was worried that my lack of knowledge and ability would leave me at a loss during this course but in fact it was perfectly pitched at GDPs. Mike was very easy to listen to and learn from. Before I would get flustered when faced with multiple canals and would waste time going back and forth between different canals. I now feel confident that I have a shaping protocol that I can follow for more reliability when carrying out RCTs. I am interested in learning more about warm vertical condensation now and have already asked that we change from tubliseal to an insoluble sealer in the practice. Thank you.

I liked that we filled in a questionnaire so Mike could direct the learning to us.


An excellent speaker

Dr Calum Imray (“Contemporary Endodontic Practice” Dr Mike Horrocks)

Great hands-on kit including 3D printed molar teeth. Mike is an excellent speaker and was happy to adjust the course content to  cover the topics we found most challenging in daily practice.



Highly recommend!

Dr Lisa Gray (“Isol8” Dr Celine Higton)

Excellent course from Celine. I learned so many useful tips and tricks to improve not only my isolation techniques but she also shared lots of useful information to improve my cavity preparations and bonding protocol.
Both Celine and Tariq were super approachable, making it a really non intimidating environment to learn. Highly recommend!


One of the best courses

Dr Catherine Jones (“Isol8” Dr Celine Higton)

This is honestly one of the best courses I’ve ever done. Celine is an incredibly talented yet humble young dentist who is a fantastic teacher. So many great tips and easy to implement immediately on return to practice.


Thank you!

Dr Amber Amplin (“Isol8” Dr Celine Higton)

Super course and Celine was a delight! I went there for an update on isolation techniques and left learning far more than anticipated. In addition, the skills can be used straight away. Thank you!


Genuinely one of the best courses

Dr Pamela Kidd (“Isol8” Dr Celine Higton)

The Scottish Dental Study Club ISOL8 Foundations course with Dr Celine Higton was genuinely one of the best courses I’ve been on. The day was filled with expert knowledge, tips, demonstrations and advice from such an enthusiastic and inspiring teacher. The hands on component and availability of materials to try was invaluable and as a result has made it straightforward to put some of the learning from the day into practice immediately. I strongly recommend this course!


Delivered to a very high standard

Dr Becky Dickie (“Isol8” Dr Celine Higton)

This was an excellent course and delivered to a very high standard. It provided a huge amount of hands on work and unlimited opportunity for individual feedback.


Rare to find courses

Dr Lawrence Sharkey (“FOCUS” Dr Minesh Patel)

It’s rare to find courses and especially single day courses and events that make a dramatic change to your dentistry but the Scottish Dental Study Club routinely provides these and Minesh Patel’s course on photography is a game changer that not only helps my patient education and marketing but the overall outcome of my dental work.


Beautiful style of photography

Dr Greg Wilkie (“FOCUS” Dr Minesh Patel)

Minesh was a brilliant speaker with an obvious artistic flair and a beautiful style of photography. He made sure everyone on the course was taking photos to his standard and ensured each camera setup was optimised to get fantastic photographs. 5 star recommendation from me.


Extremely helpful and courteous

Dr Stefan Arora (“FOCUS” Dr Minesh Patel)

I have attended a few dental photography courses in the past, I felt more confused every time. Dr Patel made taking beautiful professional photographs exceptionally easy and fun!, Dr Bashir was extremely helpful and courteous. Thank you so much!


I would highly recommend

Dr Kiki Norman (“FOCUS” Dr Minesh Patel)

The Focus course is excellent and an absolute must for all dentists. It’s not just about the photography, it’s about being able to see your dentistry and being able to see improve. I would highly recommend this course.



Dr Gerard Skeffington (“FOCUS” Dr Minesh Patel)

Tremendous course! Very well organised and Minesh has a protocol and set up which makes it possible to get outstanding clinical images even for beginners!!


Coming Soon

Speakers Testimonials

Total passion to bring to Scotland

Dr Grant McAree

Tariq has worked tirelessly and with total passion to bring to Scotland a group of dentists dedicated to learning. Isn’t that why we qualified? To improve ourselves? I am not quite sure how Tariq has managed to develop such enthusiasm, from sponsors falling over themselves to support him, dentists having to apply well in advance to avoid disappointment, but he has. This needs to be celebrated and I hope Tariq gets recognised for his dedication to the profession. A huge well done from the dentists south of the border.

The best study club

Dr Hatem Algrafee

Probably the best study club I have had a privilege to lecture at.

The Organisation, venue and catering were just phenomenal. Added to this is an eager and appreciative audience of colleagues. A relaxed atmosphere where colleagues can be free to learn.

Well deserved success and Tariq and his team at Scottish Dental Study club should be proud of what that have achieved and continue to achieve.

Captured a segment in the Scottish dental market


I have had the pleasure of delivering the Contemporary Endodontic Practice course on behalf of the Scottish Dental Study Club for a few years now.

Tariq and his team have captured a segment in the Scottish dental market giving great opportunities to local GDPs to enhance their skillset. This allows them to diversify their offerings back within their practice from courses and study events that have been delivered in familiar, local surroundings.

The courses are well organised and located in great venues, offering a good balance of didactic learning in the morning and hands-on in the afternoon. Everything you need to deliver a course is on hand which is perfect for a lecturer.

Fantastically organised and seasoned professionals


“When Tariq and Saimah asked me to come up to Glasgow as a speaker for the Scottish Dental Study Club I was truly honoured. This organisation is known for its quality courses and education so to be a part of it was and still is very exciting. Tariq and Saimah are fantastically organised and seasoned professionals when it comes to organising courses so there is minimal operational stress. The days are always well thought through and considered with the delegates always being polite, kind and enthusiastic. I feel very lucky to be a part of it all.”



Well organised, well attended and very enjoyable


“Working with Tariq and the SDSC demonstrates his professionalism in all that he does. I have been teaching for the SDSC for over 5 years now and the meetings are always well organised, well attended and very enjoyable.”


Always warm and enthusiastic

Dr Minesh PATEL

“I have had the pleasure of working with the Scottish Dental Study club for 3 consecutive years now. Together we have successfully delivered my f:ocus photography course in Scotland to many delegates who are always warm and enthusiastic. The process has always been smooth and hassle free and all courses have been organised well and are always completely sold out. This is a testament to the SDSC network and reputation as well as the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to keep both delegates and speakers happy. Tariq is a terrific guy and is always welcoming and friendly. Thank you SDSC!”


Excellent organization, perfect timing and amazing location

Dr Joan Gabau Mach

Hi, here Joan Gubau Mach from Barcelona. Last February I was doing my direct anterior composites 2 days hands-on course in Glasgow with SDSC, and just wanted to put on the record that was a great experience. Tariq and Saimah took care of every little detail, excellent organization, perfect timing and amazing location for running the course. The group was fabulous and experienced. I just keep beautiful memories of my experience with SDSC. Can’t wait to be back here again for my course in 2024. Thanks for everything guys!


Been such a good experience!

Dr Marshall Hanson

“Dr Jordan Davis and I have had a great time coming to Glasgow and working with the Scottish Dental Study Club.  We met delegates from the UK and abroad and delivered intense and focused lectures and hands-on workshops. We were looked after very well and had the opportunity to do some sight-seeing and try local food with Tariq’s guidance. It has been such a good experience!