Scottish Dental Study Club Testimonials

Message from Dr John Kois

Dr. Kois is the recipient of the 2002 Saul Schluger Memorial Award for Clinical Excellence in Diagnosis and Treatment Planning.  He also received the Lifetime Achievement Award from both the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Additionally, he is the recipient of the 2014 Dr. Thaddeus V. Weclew Award, which is presented annually to a dedicated educator who embodies the spirit of comprehensive dental care. 

Delegates Testimonials

Wealth of Scottish practitioners

Dr Allan Matthews

I’ve found that being a dentist in Scotland can sometimes mean you feel cut off from events and learning in the rest of the UK, as generally it would be a challenge to arrange travel and accommodation when courses can often represent significant outlays already. With the Scottish Dental Study Club we’ve got the best of both worlds, with seminars and practical possibilities on our doorstep at very reasonable prices. Speakers are lining up to gain access to the wealth of Scottish practitioners and there is a clear appetite for this as courses sell out very quickly. I believe the study club will go from strength to strength expanding across Scotland and I am keen to make full use of this where I can.

Quality of the speakers has been fantastic

Dr Jamie Cameron

The Scottish Dental Study Club has been a much needed addition to Scottish dentistry. Providing regular CPD events for the dentists and DCPs in Glasgow at a convenient time and location for most. Not only are the events regular, the quality of the speakers they have managed to attract has been fantastic. As well as the lecture style events they are introducing an increasing array of ‘hands on’ training. I feel this is something in particular that is needed in Scotland. I haven’t managed to attend one of these yet but I am looking forward to attending one in the near future. At the study club events they also provide an opportunity to discuss difficult cases encouraging delegates to bring study models etc. This supportive environment is something that is important and needs to be encouraged in a profession where dentists can sometimes feel isolated and that they need to have all the answers.


Great hands-on course

Dr Imran Shafi, Specialist Orthodontist

The rapid growth of the Scottish Dental Study Club exemplifies the need and desire for high quality, knowledgeable, post graduate dental courses in Scotland. The attraction of national and international well-known speakers with well organised, clearly explained and great hands-on courses allows our colleagues to implement their learning immediately into practice. A wide variety of topics straddling all aspects of dentistry have been personally vital for my own continuing professional development. The Study Club is a worthy investment for your future career in dentistry with the innovative use of social media, great communication, lovely and convenient location with fantastic food!

Impressed by the range and quality of speakers

Dr Michael Dhesi

I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to both yourself and Saimah for all of your efforts in establishing such an excellent CPD resource in the Scottish Dental Study Club. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the sessions I have attended and have been impressed by the range and quality of speakers you have been able to attract. All of the sessions have been very relevant to general dental practice as well as providing an excellent opportunity to socialise with colleagues in a relaxed environment. Your events are excellent value for money, always well organised and the catering is superb! I would strongly recommend to dental colleagues from Glasgow and beyond to attend your events.

I wish the Scottish Dental Study Club every success in its second year and look forward to joining you throughout 2019.

Impressed by calibre of speakers

Dr Neeraj Puri

I have attended a couple of study clubs and a full two-day course run by the Scottish Dental Study Club. I have to say that I have been thoroughly impressed and have enjoyed the calibre of speakers that have been organised. I can only imagine how hard it must be to organise this level of teaching anywhere let alone in Scotland where we have such a shortage of high quality courses. Where previously we would have travelled far to enjoy this standard, the SDSC team through their hard work consistently bring a top line-up of speakers covering all aspects of dentistry which not only enhance the standard of dentistry that we as clinicians provide but introduce a whole host of potential solutions which can benefit our patients.

High quality of speakers and topics

Dr Fearghas Lafferty

I have been attending meetings at the Scottish Dental Study Club and found them a valuable resource.  The meetings are always well organised and well attended and stand out for the high quality of speakers and topics.

It can be hard to keep abreast of changes in dentistry, learning new techniques and to hear about how dentistry is changing over the UK and worldwide.  As we all know, living and working in Scotland this often means lots of travelling to hear speakers and attend conferences.

Having monthly meetings in Scotland has been a real inspiration to me and has really ignited my passion for dentistry.  These meeting are always worthwhile and I leave with lots of ideas and things I want to implement in my daily practice.  It is also extremely worthwhile networking with other dentists across the country and seeing what everyone else is up to.  The networking and high quality learning has led to me continually strive to do the best work I can do, which has meant seeking out further training and greatly improved the quality of work I produce.

I truly believe this study club is a spark, inspiring dentists and improving the quality of dentistry in Scotland.

Great way of making like-minded

Dr Umara Tariq

The Scottish Dental Study Club is an excellent asset for Scottish dentists as it provides a regular source of CPD covering a vast range of clinical and non-clinical topics.

The sessions qualify for CPD Allowance which allows them to be a very affordable route for obtaining CPD. The bimonthly frequency of the sessions also allows regular interaction between Scottish dentists, which is to me what sets the Scottish Dental Study Club above all of the other CPD courses currently offered in Scotland. It is a great way of making like-minded friends, networking and peer learning. And the food is always delicious, which helps after a long day at work!

Wonderful club

Dr Julie Gray

This wonderful club is the brainchild of Tariq and his wife, Saimah and started in Jan/Feb 2018. The range of topics covered so far has been very varied and relevant to life in general practice. I thoroughly enjoy attending the lectures as they are at night and I don’t have to take time away from work to attend. I look forward to the study club and meeting colleagues to discuss cases in an informal and friendly atmosphere (the food is always great too!)  Life in practice can be isolating but it feels less so, thanks to Tariq. He has a very busy job and attends many post graduate courses himself and I am very grateful that he takes the time to organise these meetings. Other dentists are travelling from far and wide to attend, such is the reputation of SDSC!! Long may it continue.

What we needed in Scotland! 

Dr Merriem Hameed

I came across Scottish Dental Study Club founded by Tariq Bashir. The idea of SDSC is to organise courses covering a wide range of topics in dentistry to allow dentists to interact with one another and learn from top clinicians across the UK (and world!) to improve their practical dentistry skills and knowledge. From the moment I stepped into SDSC’s first organised evening session I knew that Dr Bashir had brought to us dentists in Scotland something that has never existed before. Since then I have attended a few courses organised by SDSC addressing different topics, hands-on or otherwise, such as periodontal diagnosis and classification, clinical photography and indirect restorations. I have not looked back since and I feel like my understanding in certain areas of dentistry have benefitted me in ways I could never have imagined and has improved my dentistry in general practice. I look forward to attending many more to come. This is just what we needed in Scotland!

Well structured

Dr Katie MacDonald

I have attended several of the Scottish Dental study clubs and have yet to be disappointed.  The evenings are well structured and cover a wide variety of topics as well as providing a hot meal and verifiable CPD!

As a GDP based in Scotland, I now have access and the opportunity to lean from specialists and speakers who I would normally have to travel nationwide to see. Without exception, all the speakers have been very engaging and extremely passionate about their chosen subjects- which I have found has also transferred to my clinical practice.  The atmosphere is generally informal, which encourages audience participation and allows for open discussion with colleges without judgement.

I particularly appreciate that delegated feedback is taken onboard when selecting the study club topics and that practical courses are also available to complement the standard study club evenings!I feel that the organisers of these events deserve to be recognised for their efforts in creating such a beneficial experience for Scotland’s dentists.

Friendly atmosphere

Dr. Corina Ureche

I have attended for couple of times now the Scottish Dental Study Club organised by Tariq and I can honestly say that is the best event of its kind in Scotland. It is organised in the evenings so very convenient for me to attend without losing any surgery time , all the dental themes approached are very interesting and the lectures are top class as well. The location is amazing and easy to reach and the hosts-Tariq and Saimah- are always very friendly and helpful with everything. There is also a small dental reps stand where you can find out/see /try some of  the latest dental products and  a hot buffet is provided-the food is amazing and apparently gives you addiction !!

I forgot to mention that the price of this event is kept low by some magic Tariq  is doing so you get the best quality lectures for the best price.

What I do like in particular is the friendly atmosphere of the study club and I really appreciate Tariq ‘s effort to find the best lecturers for the hottest dental subjects and build up such a creative environment in a fairy tale location for the best price. Thanks Tariq and Saimah and looking forward for the next Study club.

Infectious enthusiasm for dentistry

Dr Naomi Byrne

I have been a regular attendee at the Scottish Dental Study Club since it’s first meeting in February 2018. It is always a meticulously organised event with quality speakers, topics and discussion which is relevant to both NHS and private dentistry. It is an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded colleagues in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. It provides a sublime combination of formal lectures with current and exciting topics; and opportunity for informal networking while enjoying delicious food. The Scottish Dental Study Club is run with great energy and infectious enthusiasm for dentistry.  We are lucky to have this group in Glasgow, and I am excited to see what they do next.

Very fortunate to hear speakers locally

Dr Gillian M Lennox

I cannot recommend the Scottish Dental Study Club highly enough. Over the last year I have been very fortunate to hear speakers locally that ordinarily I would have had to travel to London to hear. These are very popular events and a great way to catch up with colleagues. There has been a wide and varied selection of topics relevant to both practice owners and associates. Having been involved with course delivery, I know how difficult it is to find speakers and topics to keep meetings interesting and relevant. Tariq and Saimah have absolutely excelled at this. They have also taken things to the next level with excellent full day hands on courses. Again, the benefit of having this on our doorstep without having the expense of travelling to London cannot be overemphasised. All of the courses provide verifiable CPD and other great Scottish benefit is being able to claim our CPD allowance for attendance. Some would also say that the real test of a great course is the catering. Again, the club has absolutely nailed it here. The hot buffet at the start of each evening session is the perfect start to the evening. I am very much looking forward to attending future events and would wholeheartedly recommend anyone to join me.

Fabulous speakers

Dr Pamela Dickson

Tariq has done an amazing job with setting up the Scottish Dental Study Club. I think it would be true to say every dentist in the Scotland is grateful to him for organising so many CPD evenings with fabulous speakers. As a newly qualified dentist I have met and socialised with so many other dentists at the evenings and by talking to them I have gained so much knowledge and passion for furthering my career. Tariq always asks for feedback and suggestions of topics to cover. I look forward to attending many more study clubs in the future! I can’t imagine the work that goes on behind the scenes arranging venues, speakers and of course the amazing buffet. Thank you Tariq!

Highly qualified specialist dentists

Dr Afiah Khan

I have attended almost all of The Scottish Dental Study Club evenings. Each and every topic has been very well considered and extremely useful and important to my role as a general dental practitioner. Thus it is no surprise that each date has sold out within hours.

The evenings that I have attended have been extremely organised and ran on time. The speakers have consisted of high qualified specialist dentists who are dominating their field and I would recommend their evenings to any dentists at any stage of their career. Even the catering is always fab!

Brilliantly organised with first class facilities

Dr James Livingstone

I have attended the Scottish Dental Study Club many times over the past year. I have found each topic to be presented by knowledgeable speakers who are always experts in their respective fields. The evenings are brilliantly organised with first class facilities and catering. It’s a brilliant opportunity to catch up with old friends as well as make new ones all while sharing a passion for learning and dentistry. One of the best aspects is the focus on a wide variety of topics from marketing to clinical photography. I always come away with more knowledge and the clubs are great value. It’s a great addition to the Scottish cpd scene and shows once again Scotland is punching above its weight for high quality dental learning and networking!

Video Testimonials

Absolutely amazing

Dr Neeraj Puri (Edinburgh)

Inspiring event

Dr george khetab (essex)

Speakers Testimonials

Meticulously planned

  Dr Attiq Rahman

Having had the privilege of speaking at a Scottish Dental Study Club I was struck by how well received the event had been.Every last detail had been meticulously planned, from the venue, AV and seating, right down to the top quality buffet.

The venue was full with over 50 delegates and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The delegates appreciated being looked after and did not begrudge the event fee in the slightest.The study club has enjoyed meteoric success and it is all down to the drive and passion of Dr Tariq Bashir.

He has truly shown how a study club should be run and I am very proud of him.

Total passion to bring to Scotland

Dr Grant McAree

Tariq has worked tirelessly and with total passion to bring to Scotland a group of dentists dedicated to learning. Isn’t that why we qualified? To improve ourselves? I am not quite sure how Tariq has managed to develop such enthusiasm, from sponsors falling over themselves to support him, dentists having to apply well in advance to avoid disappointment, but he has. This needs to be celebrated and I hope Tariq gets recognised for his dedication to the profession. A huge well done from the dentists south of the border.

Blown away by the professionalism

Mr Barry Aitken, Dental Directory

I have been blown away by the professionalism shown by Tariq in both marketing, organisation and execution of the study club. The breadth of knowledge of the lecturers has been excellent and the variety ensures that there truly is something for everyone! From an exhibitor’s perspective, the opportunity to meet so many Scottish dentists in one place is magnificent.

To progress so quickly from an idea of Tariq’s, to such a highly regarded and respected Scottish dental event, is a testament to Tariq’s dedication to providing a first class training event for his Scottish colleagues and peers.

The best study club

Dr Hatem Algrafee

Probably the best study club I have had a privilege to lecture at.

The Organisation, venue and catering were just phenomenal. Added to this is an eager and appreciative audience of colleagues. A relaxed atmosphere where colleagues can be free to learn.

Well deserved success and Tariq and his team at Scottish Dental Study club should be proud of what that have achieved and continue to achieve.

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