Top tips for Implants in the Aesthetic Zone (Hands-On) with Dr Robert Oretti

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Presentation and hands on workshop.
The goal is to create a harmonious aesthetic outcome around dental implants that mimics the surrounding dentition and soft-tissue condition. This is difficult to create and maintain long term. Bone remodelling and soft tissue recession are known adverse factors which can negatively impact upon the final long term outcome and the extent of these changes are often considered unpredictable when considering the immediate implant approach.
This presentation will discuss the critical factors associated with case selection; the relevance of the surgical techniques employed and a step by step surgical sequence demonstrating how post-operative changes can be significantly reduced on a predictable basis.
Nevertheless, despite careful planning and execution, adverse outcomes can still occur and this presentation will also highlight the procedures that are required to correct compromised outcomes.
Prosthetic manipulation for optimizing aesthetic outcomes will also be discussed with a workshop on how to perfect emergence profiles.

Educational Aims and Objectives :
1-To be familiar with the rationale for choosing differing implant treatment options with an emphasis on evidence based dentistry.
2-To appreciate the role of differing treatment strategies that are utilized (such as soft tissue grafting) to enhance the aesthetic outcome.
3-To be familiar with the procedural steps required to deal with and correct adverse aesthetic outcomes.
4-To appreciate how the prosthesis can be manipulated to enhance the aesthetic outcome.

About Dr Robert Oretti
Robert qualified at Kings College, London in 1987. After working in an orthodontic practice in Colchester for four years he moved to Newbury, Berkshire.
Rob then spent the next 14 years working in a busy private practice where he built a reputation for treating complex cases involving cosmetic, implant and orthodontic treatments. At this time, Rob also became involved in teaching and mentoring and has taught many dentists on all aspects of cosmetic and dental implant therapies.
In 2006, Rob moved to Pentangle Dental Transformations – a purpose built centre for dentists to send their patients for implant and complex treatments. Rob now spends his time between treating these referred patients and teaching.
Rob is currently a post graduate tutor for the Thames valley deanery, a mentor and faculty educator for the ADI (Association of Dental Implantology), a mentor and international speaker for the ITI (International team of Implantologists), a Royal College of Surgeons Examiner for the implant diploma (RCS Edin) as well as the Membership in Advanced General Dental Surgery (MAGDS Edin) and the current president of the British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry (BAAD).
He presents regularly at scientific meetings and has published several articles on implant therapy.

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Category : Past Events
Date: : 27th September 2019
Venue: : Hilton, Glasgow
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