From zero to hero-Career Progression and Practice Development

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One of the most challenging aspects in dentistry is not perhaps the clinical dentistry itself, nor even the patient communication, but in my opinion it is in fact balancing a happy team and a healthy work environment and yet still keeping yourself and everyone around you motivated to push your career or practice forward in a positive direction.

It is very easy to become stagnant in dentistry. Years can go passed in a flash and you realise you haven’t achieved anything other than just existing in the same old 9-5 day-in and day-out tedium. This boredom can also be reflected by your team around you, who can often lose motivation, inter-team dynamics can degrade, and overall practice morale can dampen.

My talk for the SDSC will hopefully stimulate new ideas and actions for both you and your team to help break the monotony of the daily grind and re-enthuse the team towards common practice goals. With revitalised attitudes you can not only achieve more and separate yourself from the pack, but also feel more fulfilled about not only your clinical dental work but also your relationships at work .

Aims and objectives:
1-To be introduced to a different perspective to the dentist-patient relationship.

2-To stimulate ideas for team building and forward career planning.

3-To generate personal and practice processes to develop both yourself and your team for expedited professional development.

4-To attain a structure to assist portfolio development for dental award entry.

5-To strategise and streamline your patient journey to help increase sales and treatment plan conversion.

About Dr Thomas Sealey

Dr Thomas Sealey is a multiple award-winning cosmetic dentist based in Essex, UK. He has two Master degrees, Medical Education and Endodontic Practice, and has most-recently won the award of ‘Best Aesthetic Dentist in the UK’ at the FMC Aesthetic Dentistry Awards. He lectures on Anterior Composite internationally and writes for most Dental Publications, with examples of his clinical work reaching worldwide recognition, being published in both manufacturers’ literature and in the BACD International Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr Sealey is the inventor of the SOLID retention system, a composite-based in-direct retainer which is manufactured and sold by CFast. Thomas is also the inventor and partner in SmileFast, the revolutionary new concept to smile makeover design and procession.


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Category : Past Events
Date: : 22nd November 2019
Venue: : Pollokshields Burgh Hall, Glasgow
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