ISOL8 Foundations Isolate Prep Matrix - 17/09/2023- Dr Celine Higton

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Course- ISOL8 Foundations. Isolate. Prep. Matrix

Date: Sunday 17th September- 10am-6.00pm

Venue:  Village Hotel, Glasgow

Fee: £750 (inc VAT)


CPDA Approved 2 Sessions 

GDC Learning Outcome C

Lunch, refreshments and course manual included.

Limited spaces

Aims & Objectives


This course will present the concept that the placement of high quality and durable posterior composite resin restorations relies heavily upon a well-executed sequence consisting of excellent isolation, cavity preparation and matrixing as the foundation on which the restoration itself can then be placed.

  • Discuss the benefits of and reasons for using rubber dam
  • Recognise the place for rubber dam isolation in every day dental practice
  • Highlight the importance of correct cavity preparation design
  • Discuss the principles of matrix choice and placement


  • Understand the importance of correct material and equipment choice and clamp selection when placing rubber dam
  • Appreciate the difference between stabilising and retracting the dam
  • Become proficient at placing rubber dam in every day posterior restorative scenarios
  • Safely and efficiently place rubber dam for quadrant isolation
  • Learn different techniques such as split dam and placing dam and wingless clamp as one
  • Understand the rationale behind wide and open cavity preparation design
  • Understand which burs to use in cavity preparation and why
  • Appreciate the importance of preparing the cavity in order to maximise bond strength to the composite restoration
  • Learn about biomimetic principles such as immediate dentine sealing, resin coating and bond decoupling with time
  • Learn how to prepare the cavity in order to facilitate better matrix placement
  • Recognise the difference between various matrixing systems and learn when they are best used and why
  • Learn how to place sectional matrix systems accurately and effectively to create an excellent marginal seal, ready for composite placement

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Speakers for this event

  • Dr Celine Higton

    Dr Celine Higton

    BDS (Hons)

    Unlike many dentists, Céline’s career path was not always on a dental route. Her university life chapter started off with an architecture degree. 3 years later, realising it was not for her and after a little soul searching, she landed on Dentistry. After this initial false start, she obtained her BDS in 2016, graduating with Honours from King’s College London. A lot has happened in the 5 years since qualifying, but her roots and reasons are still the same. She explains, “I am an artist at heart, have a keen eye for detail and a compulsive drive for quality; attributes which perfectly align with my absolute passion for restorative cosmetic dentistry.”

    Over the last few years Céline’s name has become increasingly well-known both in the UK and amongst the international dental community as a keen advocate for biomimetic and adhesive approaches to restorative dentistry. She is a leading educator in the field of rubber dam and believes that it should be considered as the foundation stone of all modern adhesive dentistry protocols and techniques. She is passionate about providing top quality dentistry and in turn strives to inspire others to do the same and be the best clinicians that they can possibly be.

    BDS (Hons)


September 17(Sunday) 9:00am - 5:30pm(GMT+01:00)


Village Hotel Glasgow

village hotel club, 7 Festival Gate, Pacific Dr, Glasgow G51 1DB

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