Fundamentals of Biomimetic Dentistry - Dr David Alleman

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EVENT DATE: Sat 19th and Sun 20th March 2022

Event Time: 9am – 5:00pm

Venue:  Glasgow TBC

Early Bird Fee £1750 until Friday 31st Dec 2022 thereafter £2000 – (VAT Inc)

We are honoured to bring you one of the most renowned clinicians and researchers in biomimetic restorative dentistry today, Dr. David Alleman from Utah USA.  Dr. Alleman will be presenting his 2-day comprehensive hands-on course covering a wide variety of biomimetic restorative procedures with an evidence-based approach.

Fundamentals of Biomimetic Dentistry

This intensive hands-on and lecture-based course will take your knowledge and abilities to perform conservative adhesive procedures to a whole new level. You will never have to cut another tooth down for full coverage again. The vitality of teeth will be preserved long term even in the cases of deep decay and dentinal cracks.

Aims and Objectives

You will learn the game changing 12 protocols of:

1. When to use Immediate Dentine Sealing
2. How and when to carry out Resin Coating
3. How and when to utilise Deep Margin Elevation
4. Understand Peripheral Seal Zoning and how to carry this out clinically
5. Understand the benefits of Air-abrasion surface preparation
6. The benefits of MMP deactivation
7. Understand Stress Reduced Direct Composite (SRDC) protocols and how to implement these8. The method of fibre placement for stress relief.
9.How to achieve deep decay caries removal end-points without pulp exposure
10. Carrying out dentine crack removal without pulpal exposure.
11. Understand how to choose the best Dentine Bonding Systems for various scenarios.
12. How to choose the most biomimetic replacements for deep dentin, superficial dentin, DEJ and enamel

These protocols will increase your adhesive bond strengths to dentine by 300-400% over traditional adhesive bonding protocols. This will give you the confidence you need to restore teeth in the conservative ways that your patients desire.

Hands-on on exercises will include –

1-Immediate dentine sealing

2-Resin coating

3-Deep Marginal Elevation

4-Peripheral Seal Zoning

5-Stress Reduced Direct Composite

6-Fibre Placement

7-Management of dentine cracks

CPD 14 hours

CPDA 4 sessions Approved

Lunch and Refreshments Included

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Speakers for this event

  • Dr David Alleman

    Dr David Alleman

    Dr. David S. Alleman has been practicing dentistry for 43 years since his graduation from the University of the Pacific in 1978. The first three were in the US Navy and the last 40 in Utah. In 1995 he started studying adhesive dentistry with Dr. Ray Bertolotti. In 1999 he started studying with Dr. John Kois. These two mentors guided him through a 10 year/10,000 hour review of the literature on which advanced adhesive (Biomimetic) dentistry is based. Other mentors and collaborators are Dr. Gary Unterbrink, Dr. Didier Dietschi, Dr. Pascal Magne and Dr. Geoff Knight. He is a member of the Academy of Operative Dentistry & The International Association for Dental Research. He has published articles on advanced adhesive techniques that focus on reducing stress, increasing long-term bond durability and tooth conservation. He currently mentors over 500 dentists worldwide on his Biomimetic Mastership Program.


March 19(Saturday) - March 20(Sunday) (All Day) March 19-20 2022 9am-5pm(GMT+01:00)

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