An introduction to Biomimetic Dentistry-The Six Lessons Approach

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An Introduction to Biomimetic Dentistry-The Six Lessons Approach by Dr David Alleman

Although “Biomimetics” has become a hot topic in the world of dentistry recently, this is not a new concept. Literally speaking, biomimetics simply means mimicking nature. In dentistry, this means using scientific knowledge of tooth structure and properties to help us restore teeth as closely as possible to natural tooth structure. The aim of biomimetic dentistry is to produce restorations that far surpass the average filling and its lifespan.

Aim:To introduce biomimetic dentistry and explain how it can be implemented in everyday practice using David Alleman’s 6 lessons approach to produce superior restorations and predictable clinical outcomes

Webinar objectives:

  • To give an overview of biomimetic dentistry principles and its key concepts such as immediate dentine sealing (IDS), resin coating, deep margin elevation (DME) 
  • To introduce specific biomimetic materials
  • To explain particular biomimetic techniques
  • To present specific key literature and papers
  • To show how all the above techniques can be brought together clinically in everyday practice.

Speaker Biography

Dr. David Alleman

Dr. David S. Alleman has been practicing dentistry for 43 years since his graduation from the University of the Pacific in 1978. The first three were in the US Navy and the last 40 in Utah. In 1995 he started studying adhesive dentistry with Dr. Ray Bertolotti. In 1999 he started studying with Dr. John Kois. These two mentors guided him through a 10 year/10,000 hour review of the literature on which advanced adhesive (Biomimetic) dentistry is based. Other mentors and collaborators are Dr. Gary Unterbrink, Dr. Didier Dietschi, Dr. Pascal Magne and Dr. Geoff Knight. He is a member of the Academy of Operative Dentistry & The International Association for Dental Research. He has published articles on advanced adhesive techniques that focus on reducing stress, increasing long-term bond durability and tooth conservation. He currently mentors over 500 dentists worldwide on his Biomimetic Mastership Program.

Sunday 14th Nov 8pm-9.30pm Lecture and Q/A session

1.5 hours CPD

0.5 sessions CPDA Approved

Zoom webinar link will be sent to all delegates a few days prior to the event.

Webinar fee £30

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November 14(Sunday) 8:00pm - 9:30pm(GMT+01:00)

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Zoom webinar link will be sent to all delegates a few days prior to the event.

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